Three weeks! Can you believe it?? Congratulations on making it this far! You’ve been working hard. The end is in sight and this is the final sprint.

In these tips, we’ve talked a lot about the various effects of mental drain on your writing; all the different techniques that you can use to make sure the creativity keeps flowing.

We haven’t talked the physical drain of NaNoWriMo. How are you feeling after all these extra hours sitting in front of a computer?

It might feel more comfortable to slump into your chair as you write. However after three weeks of that, your body is probably rebeling. Have you noticed any twinges in your shoulders, elbows or wrists? If so, now is the time to correct your writing posture. Sitting up straight does not feel as relaxed, but in the long term, and those writing hours can add up quickly, your body will be a lot happier if you sit up straight.

Although it will probably feel awkward and unnatural at first, paying attention to your posture will benefit your health over time. So, to get you started, consider using an extension like this one. It will send you a reminder message every so often, reminding you to correct your posture.

Keep writing! You’ve got this.

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