You’re almost halfway through NaNoWriMo and you’re feeling pretty good. Over the last few days writing has been going well and you’ve written down lots of great ideas. But then something terrible happens. You open up your laptop, your hands hovering over the keyboard eager to get writing. But…your mind blanks. Is this the dreaded writer’s block? What the hell is happening? Yesterday you got so much written. How can today be such a bad day, when yesterday was so good?

Actually, the reason you’re feeling stuck today is BECAUSE you had a great day yesterday. You had all those great ideas and you used them all up yesterday. You finished writing with no plans for what to write next.

One of the best ways to keep your energy and creativity flowing is to make sure you always end a writing session knowing how you’re going to start next time. It doesn’t have to be a big outline of tomorrow’s session. It can simply be a few sentences, detailing what happens next. Even just getting down some bullet points will help.

The aim is to make sure that  you’re not coming to a session at a creative drypoint. Leaving notes for yourself means that you’ll have a starting place tomorrow. It means that you’ve already got ideas about your next session and, even when you’re away from your computer, those ideas are going to be sitting in your brain, sparking your inspiration.  

Tl:dr; Never end a writing session without knowing what you’re going to write next time!

Keep rolling! You’ve got this.

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