Your brain moves a lot faster than your fingers. It’s something we all know, but it’s particularly clear during NaNoWriMo. You’ve got the perfect sentence in your head,  you type it out and then sit back to read it back. Suddenly you realize that you’ve skipped a few words. Even though you knew exactly what you wanted to type, your fingers just couldn’t keep up with your thoughts. So then you have to break your creative flow to go back and fill in those missing words.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to get the words on paper as quickly as you can think them? Definitely! But unfortunately we don’t, yet, have the technology to beam your novel directly out of your head. That would be amazing! And it would certainly make NaNoWriMo a lot easier!

Until the day we get that kind of tech, there’s still something we can do to make it easier to get our thoughts out. Dictation! There are numerous sites that allow you to use speech to text technology. You speak into your computer’s microphones and the text appears on the screen. Now the technology isn’t perfect. If you have a thick accent, or a cold, then it won’t work as well and it might misinterpret what you said. However, that’s nothing that a bit of later editing can’t fix. Best of all, these sites are free to use.

Even if you haven’t encountered that exact problem of missing words as you type, it’s still fun to try these sites. They’re a good way to change up your NaNoWriMo writing to stop from getting in a rut.

We really like the look of this website, although this one is great at putting in punctuation.

Keep writing! You’ve got this.

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