All of us here at love to read (obviously!) and we’re constantly talking about our current favourite places to read. Sometimes it’s a new local cafe, sometimes it’s the bath, sometimes it’s the library or a quiet local bar, but at the end of the day, we all need a nice, cozy, reliable place to read at home. So! For that reason, we’re scouring this year’s Amazon Black Friday deals for things that will spruce up your home reading nook!

OK…admittedly this won’t make your actual reading area better…but it will make your preparation for reading better! It’s amazing how much nice equipment will improve your mental state. This kettle is fast, has great safety features (I always worry I don’t have enough water in the kettle) comes in a bunch of different colours, and looks fantastic. Being able to make a nice cup of tea while you’re reading is one of my favourite things.

I’m not sure anything lends adds to the “cozy” feel like something warm on your feet. One of our readers pointed out these wool socks (in a number of lovely colours) that are amazing for snuggling up on the couch with a book. Also on sale this Black Friday.

Ambiance! In my opinion, there are two major players in the reading nook ambiance game. Plants and lights. You need both, and you need them in the right combination to make the coziest possible reading nook. When it comes to plants, all you need is a couple of simple planters with some nice, robust indoor plants, and the nicest planters we’ve found so far this Black Friday season are these mid-century, clay planters. All it would take is a couple of these (plus plants!) and you’re well on your way.

Onto the lighting…we here at are always keeping our eyes open for candles and lighting solutions. We’ve been having “arguments” here about what light to have in a room when reading and honestly, sometimes we prefer the lighting a little darker than our eye doctors might recommend (Don’t do that!).

Step one…get one of those himalayan salt lamps! Aside from the numerous benefits these lamps are purported to give off, they do offer a lovely light and really help any room feel especially cozy. These ones are on sale now for black friday!