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Romance Books to Read for St. Patrick’s Day

Romance Books to Read for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is not a holiday that you typically associate with romance, but that doesn’t meant there aren’t a lot of wonderful Irish romance novels out there to choose from.

We asked some of our romance readers to put together a list of their favourite Irish romance novels for St. Patrick’s Day, and all I know is that I have a few new books to add to my “to read” shelf. 

Wild Irish Heart

by Tricia O’Malley

This well-written, supernatural steamy romance tells the story of a woman searching for her roots in Ireland and stumbling across love as well.

Dirty Liar: An Irish Mob Romance

by KB Winters

Flynn O’Brien is a sexy alpha male, he’s a boss in the Irish mafia and he’s got a big secret. This hot and gritty romance will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end.

Brides of Ireland: A Medieval Historical Romance

by Kathryn Le Veque

This bundle is a steal! Four novel length books in one, including a USA Today Bestselling book: High Warrior. All four novels are historical romances that mix the legends of Ireland with steamy romance.

The First Time I Said Goodbye
by Claire Allan

This sweet international romance tells the story of a young woman in 1950s rural Ireland who falls in love with an American marine and moves across the world to be with him. Sixty years later she returns with her daughter. This is a romance, and also the touching story of family bonds. Truly heartwarming!

A Letter From America
by Geraldine O’Neill

Set in 1960s, rural Ireland, a young woman dreams of starting a new life in America. However when tragedy strikes and long hidden secrets start to come to light, our heroine struggles to cope. When she meets the handsome Michael O’Sullivan the two of them embark on a passionate affair.

That’s it for now! Grab one of these amazing Irish romance novels to curl up with on St. Patrick’s Day, or check out our other list of St. Patrick’s Day classic novels!

Have any other recommendations we should include? Drop us a line on twitter!

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Dangerous to Love: Sensei by Carly Chase

Dangerous to Love: Sensei by Carly ChaseAMBW Romance – Special Price!

$2.99 – $0.99


East meets West in this passionate romance novella by Carly Chase!

LA gym owner Candace Jackson is feeling jaded after too many bad dates, and is determined not to get her hopes up about the next man to ask her out. However, when the handsome, wealthy and mysterious Akito walks through the door to ask about starting up a new martial arts course at her gym, she feels an attraction she just can’t fight.

Akito is not all that he seems, however, and has a past in Tokyo that he is terrified might catch up with him. No matter how much he wants Candace, he can’t allow her to be put in harm’s way because of the secrets he is running from. He may have the fighting skills and the strength to protect her, but can she ever be truly safe while he’s around?

Can Akito face up to his demons, and will Candace be able to accept him when she knows the truth about him?


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Wildcat by Max Monroe

Wildcat by Max MonroeNYT Bestselling Author


Quinn Bailey is one of the best quarterbacks in the country, and the instant he lays eyes on pretty little Cat Wild, he can’t resist her.

When the sexy football star comes aboard the flight attendant’s plane, her life takes a drastic turn. Mile-high courting and an intense pursuit to win her heart are just the beginning.

Attention, fame—even, public scrutiny find their way into the mix.


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