Cinco de Mayo might not be a holiday you traditionally associate with reading, but here at, we use any chance we can to broaden our reading horizons. So why not take a minute and check out some amazing Mexican authors?

So…what should you be reading this Cinco de Mayo?

This year, we’re picking Like Water for Chocolate by novelist, screenwriter and politician, Laura Esquivel.

The story revolves around an all female family in turn of the century Mexico. The matriarch of the family strictly adheres to Mexican traditions and forbids her youngest daughter, Tita, from ever getting married, instead forcing her to spend her life looking after her aging mother. However Tita falls in love with a young man, Pedro and uses her only means of communicating, her magical cooking skills, to seduce him.

This highly decorated novel employs traditional Mexican storytelling techniques and considered to be quite important to the Mexican feminist movement.
(Also note, in case you can’t find the book, a critically acclaimed movie was released in 1992 you can check out.)

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