Hallowe’en (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) can be a mixed blessing for us bookworms. One, it’s a night we’re expected to go out and be social and not be reading (bad!) but on the other hand, it’s a great opportunity to have some fun with our favourite books/characters/authors. 

So what’s a book lover to do for a costume on Hallowe’en? Use your imagination of course! We’re here to help get those gears turning with the best Hallowe’en costumes for book lovers!

This is the list of Hallowe’en costume ideas for book lovers!

Actual Bookworm

Let’s start at the top. The actual, literal, bookworm. Forget for a minute that this bookworm is reading a dictionary for some reason.

Remember when bookworm was a bad thing? Well we’re taking it back! Bookworms unite!

Your Favourite Author


Admittedly, this Hallowe’en costume works best with more recognizable authors (I’m talking Mark Twain, Ernest Hemmingway, Edgar Allan Po, etc.) but I actually prefer to use it as a chance to go as a less…recognizable author. Which reminds me, anyone have a Spock wig I can use for my Ursula K. Le Guin costume?


NOTE: No, you can’t go “as yourself”, even if you are your own favourite author.

Your Favourite Character

Another great chance to show your literary allegiances! Dressing up as one of your favourite literary characters for Hallowe’en gives you endless options (a lot of which are very, very easy). It also gives you a chance to re-use your Ernest Hemmingway costume as a Captain Ahab costume…for example.

Book/Writing Accoutrements 

Typewriter, Semicolon (someone explain this to me), books and, my favorite Hallowe’en costume for book lovers (and the reason this post is going out today) Procrastination.

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