How does this site work?

We have a team of authors and readers who are constantly on the lookout for great books on Amazon that have been reduced in price. We hand pick which books end up going up on the site and alert our readers that a new deal is available. You can sign up to our newsletter to receive those deals.

How much does this cost?

Nothing. We provide the picks, the emails and the links for free and you can choose to buy from Amazon or not, but at no time will we ask you for any money.

I am an author and want to promote my book.

Please contact us at

Why is the price on Amazon different from Bookspry?

We always check our prices before letting you know about a deal, but authors on Amazon can change their prices at any time (and for any reason). Because of this, we always recommend double checking the price of any book you’re interested in buying.

If you happen to buy a book by accident, you can always get a refund by following the steps on Amazon.

Certain deals aren’t available in my country.

We try our best to make sure our service is as universal as possible but unfortunately we can’t guarantee prices in all regions.

Do I need a Kindle to take advantage of these deals?

Because we feature ebooks from Amazon, you will need to use the free Kindle app, or use a physical Kindle to view the books. This is the case with all Amazon ebooks and is not unique to bookspry.