Desired by the Dragon by Isadora Montrose

Desired by the Dragon by Isadora MontroseBillionaire…Dragon Romance


Jump into some wild fantasy with this dragon shifter romance, part of the Mystic Bay series. The tagline¬†“Billionaire dragon lusts for fairy princess” pretty much says it all, but you can be sure that this bit of fantasy fulfillment is well written and will deliver the HEA you’re looking for.

Grab it will it’s free and try out the Shifters in Love series!

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Heart Lines Box Set by Heather Hildenbrand

heart lines box set by Heather Hildenbrand3 Full Length Paranormal Romance Novels


“Witches, Werewolves, and WTF?!”

Another fantastic boxed set sale today (and we mean fantastic¬†in every sense of the word!). If you’re a fan of the paranormal romance genre, you’d be silly not to pick this up. It’s $0.76! What can you get for 76 cents? A chocolate bar? So instead of a chocolate bar, you get three full length books!!! Buy it. Then go and buy that chocolate bar anyway.