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The Worst Fathers in Literature (Happy Father’s Day!)

Father's Day!  Sure, your Dad is great (and my Dad is great, hi Dad!) but some of literature's greatest villains are some real...bad Dads. As a part of our Father's Day reading lists...we're doing...the worst Dads in literature!Mr. Bennet Pride and Prejudice by Jane...

Celebrate World Blood Donor Day with your favourite Vampire!

I know what you're thinking, "It's World Blood Donor Day already!?!?!". No worries, this is an advanced warning so that you have some time to prepare. Speaking of which, what are you planning on reading with your orange juice and cookies this Friday? Luckily,...

Step into Summer with these Easy Reading Recommendations

It may not feel like summer yet, but it's time to get your reading list ready! This week we're bringing you a list of "easy reading" books to add to your summer reading list. The Rome Affair by Karen Swan Described as a “sizzling summer novel”, this book from Sunday...

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